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Course Code: CLM
Group: Management, General Management
Offer: Corporate & Public Course
Type: Practical Workshop

Description: The Certificate in Leadership and Management Course prepares individuals for a team leadership and supervisory role in a wide range of organizational and industry contexts. As well as responsibility for their own performance, individuals completing this qualification will be capable of providing leadership, guidance and support to others.

Instructor Led:
Four (4) Days, 32 Hours - Classroom

Online Courseware: None

CLM-01. Manage meetings.
CLM-02. Coordinate implementation of customer service strategies.
CLM-03. Communicate effectively as a workplace leader.
CLM-04. Lead effective workplace relationships.
CLM-05. Lead team effectiveness.
CLM-06. Show leadership in the workplace.
CLM-07. Implement operational plan
CLM-08. Implement continuous improvement
CLM-09. Identify risk and apply risk management processes.
CLM-10. Implement and monitor WHS policies, procedures and programs to meet legislative requirements.
CLM-11. Develop work priorities.
CLM-12. Write documents, memorandums and correspondences.
CLM-13. Make effective decisions.
CLM-14. Agile methods in leadership and management.

Software Tools & Other Reqts:
MS Office

Instruction Model:
Instructor Led
70% Kinetic
15% Presentation, Group Q&A (Recitation)
5% Written Q&A (Mock Exams)

Training Manual, Nievgen Certificate of Course Completion, Comprehensive Skill Assessment

John Placente, PMP, MBB

Training Fee:
PHP 18,500.00
+63 917 5639796