Course Code: CLSSBB
Group: Management, Operational Excellence
Offer: Corporate Classes
Type: Practical Workshop

The Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt is a credential course that aims to provide the participants with the fundamental and advanced knowledge, skills, tools and techniques on continuous improvement to manage interdepartmental projects.

Instructor Led: 40 Hours
Self Directed/Video: 40 Hours
Homework: 40 Hours
Project Hours: 80 Hours
Total Credit Hours: 200 Hours

At the end of the workshop, the participant shall be awarded with the “Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (CLSSBB)” credential after passing the competency requirements.

BB-01. Manage lean six sigma projects.
BB-02. Use MS project for LSS.
BB-03. Use Agile Kanban for LSS projects.
BB-04. Use statistical software for analysis.
BB-05. Use structured problem solving.
BB-06. Use commonality analysis for root cause detection.
BB-07. Measure corporate financial performance.
BB-08. Analyze Case 1: Improve financial metrics.
BB-09. Measure operational performance.
BB-10. Analyze Case 2: Improve operations processes.
BB-11. Measure human resource performance.
BB-12. Analyze Case 3: Improve HR metrics.
BB-13. Measure procurement performance.
BB-14. Analyze Case 4: Improve procurement processes.
BB-15. Analyze Case 5: Increase savings in procurement.
BB-16. Measure customer satisfaction.
BB-17. Analyze Case 6: Improve customer satisfaction.
BB-18. Apply Toyota Production System Principles.
BB-19. Analyze Case 7: Improve organizational management.
BB-20. Apply measurement system analysis.
BB-21. Analyze Case 8: Improve measurement processes.
BB-22. Apply Design of Experiment.
BB-23. Analyze Case 9: Improve hiring selection.
BB-24. Analyze Case 10: Improve employee satisfaction.
BB-25. Use Value Stream Mapping (VSM).
BB-26. Analyze Case 11: Improve processes using VSM.
BB-27. Use PowerBI for visualization.
BB-28. Analyze Case 12: Improve performance visualization.
BB-29. Effectively teach and mentor people.
BB-30. Create policies and procedures.
BB-31. Write and present DMAIC project paper.
BB-32. Pass the Nievgen CLSSBB Final Exam.

Software Tools & Other Reqts:
MS Project, MS Visio

Instruction Model:
Instructor Led
70% Kinetic
15% Presentation, Group Q&A (Recitation)
5% Written Q&A (Mock Exams)

Training Manual, Nievgen CLSSBB Credential Certificate, Nievgen Comprehensive Skill Assessment

John Placente, PMP, MBB
+63 917 5639796