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Course Code: CPMC
Group: Management, General Management
Offer: Public & Corporate Classes
Type: Practical Workshop & Exam Review

The Certified Professional Manager (CPM) Course is a workshop offered by Nievgen, together with the Certified Manager (CM) Exam Review course by the Institute of Certified Professional Managers of the James Madison University.  The CPM course is an activity/competency-based workshop which intends to provide clients with the necessary knowledge, skills, tools and techniques in effective management, planning, organizing, leading and controlling business and organizations.

Instructor Led: Four (4) Days, 32 Hours

Online Courseware: Online Practice Exam for the CM Certification

1. After the workshop, the participant shall earn the Nievgen credential “Certified Professional Manager” after passing the competencies.
2. After passing the CM exam, the client shall earn the credential “Certified Manager” from the ICPM - James Madison University.

CPMC-01. Understand the management profession.
CPMC-02. Understand the global business environment.
CPMC-03. Perform SWOT analysis.
CPMC-04. Make decisions based on ethical standards.
CPMC-05. Create an organizational plan.
CPMC-06: Manage projects.
CPMC-07: Plan and facilitate effective meetings.
CPMC-08: Organize and manage workforce.
CPMC-09: Build teams and workgroups.
CPMC-10: Be an effective leader and motivate individuals and groups.
CPMC-11: Manage organizational change.
CPMC-12: Control organizational performance.
CPMC-13: Understand Total Quality Management.
CPMC-14: Manage employee misconduct and implement organizational standard.
CMPC-15. Understand corporate accounting and finance statements.
CMPC-16. Manage corporate finances and budget.
CMPC-17. Answer Nievgen CPM Final Examination.

Software Tools & Other Reqts: MS Project

Instruction Model:
Instructor Led
70% Kinetic
15% Presentation, Group Q&A (Recitation)
5% Written Q&A (Mock Exams)

Training Manual, Food Fees, Nievgen Certificate of Completion, Nievgen Comprehensive Skill Assessment

John Placente, PMP®, CM®

* Certified Manager Course is a registered course under ICPM. 
* Nievgen is an accredited training organization of ICPM, James Madison University.
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