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Course Code: QMS
Group: Management, General Management
Offer: Public & Corporate Classes
Type: Practical Workshop

Description: The Quality Management Systems Implementation Course aims to provide the clients with the necessary knowledge, skills, tools and techniques in implementing the ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management Systems requirements in the organization.

Instructor Led: Five (5) Days, 40 Hours

Online Courseware: None

1. The participant will receive a Certificate of Completion of the course.

QMS-01. Understand the terms and quality management principles of ISO 9001.
QMS-02. Understanding and determining the context of the organization.
QMS-03. Understand the requirements on leadership.
QMS-04. Understand the requirements on planning.
QMS-05. Understand the requirements on support.
QMS-06. Understand the requirements on operation.
QMS-07. Understand the requirements on performance evaluation.
QMS-08. Understand the requirements on improvement.
QMS-09. Organize the Quality Management System of a company.
QMS-10. Analyze a quality manual.
QMS-11. Create a policy.
QMS-12. Create a procedure.
QMS-13. Create a work instruction.
QMS-14. Perform risk-based assessment.
QMS-15. Perform quality audit.
QMS-16. Understand the ISO 9001 audit and certification procedures.

Software Tools & Other Reqts:
MS Office

Instruction Model:
Instructor Led
50% Kinetic
50% Presentation

Training Manual, Food Fees, Nievgen Certificate of Completion, Nievgen Comprehensive Skill Assessment

John Placente, PMP®, CM®

Training Fee:
PHP 25,000.00
+63 917 5639796