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Course Code: STAT
Group:  Management, General Management
Offer: Public & Corporate Classes
Type:  Practical Workshop

Description: The Certificate in Applied Statistics Course aims to provides clients with the fundamental to advanced knowledge, skills, tools and techniques in Statistics and apply in to process and other business cases.  The course are recommended for students, academicians and other industry practitioners who requires the use of statistics.

Instructor Led: Four (4) Days, 32 Hours
Online Courseware: None

1. The participant will receive a Certificate of Completion of the course.

STAT-01. Understand statistics and its applications.
STAT-02. Create metrics for different organizations and departments.
STAT-03. Use and apply graphs to different situations.
STAT-04. Apply basic statistical calculations.
STAT-05. Apply regression methods.
STAT-06. Compare means and standard deviation in normal distribution.
STAT-07. Apply Design of Experiments.
STAT-08. Use control charts to determine process health.
STAT-09. Use the different quality tools.
STAT-10. Apply reliability calculations on process/product life.
STAT-11. Perform multivariate analysis.
STAT-12. Analyze time series.
STAT-13. Perform nonparametric testing.
STAT-14. Apply statistics to Case #1.
STAT-15. Apply statistics to Case #2.
STAT-16. Apply statistics to Case #3.

Software Tools & Other Reqts:
MS Office

Instruction Model:
Instructor Led
50% Kinetic.
50% Presentation

Training Manual, Food Fees, Nievgen Certificate of Completion, Nievgen Comprehensive Skill Assessment

John Placente, PMP®, CM®

Training Fee:
PHP 30,000.00
+63 917 5639796